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Village Green Global, Inc. (VGG) and its industry partners offer the “best of breed” energy efficiency solutions for private and public customers alike. Our focus is on buildings (public and private), streetlight infrastructure, water pumping infrastructure, and wastewater treatment facilities. VGG assists all customers in measuring their building or infrastructure:

  • Electricity usage

  • Natural gas usage

  • Water usage

  • Waste and recycling costs

  • Transportation costs

VGG then assists customers in designing, funding, implementing, and maintaining energy efficiency project solutions that contain some or all of the following technologies:

  • LED lighting

  • High efficiency HVAC motors

  • Building automation, controls, and daylight harvesting

  • Wireless mesh networking

  • Window tinting or replacement

  • Roofing upgrades or replacement

  • Insulation upgrades

  • Photovoltaic and/or thermal solar

  • Battery backup and demand response

  • And many other applicable energy saving technologies

 Village Green Global, Inc. is your “one stop shop” for maximum energy and financial savings.