Costa Rica: Construction of the International Institute for Peace and Sustainable Development (“IIPSD”), which will be a leader in the region for training in sustainable development, with administrative offices in San Jose, and a 450,000 square foot campus on 16 acres in Paquera, Puntarenas Province. The Project expects to educate up to 34,000 students per year within 10 years of commencement.

Malaysia: Construction of similar second campus for IIPSD, with administrative offices and the main campus in the Greater Kuala Lumpur region.

Solomon Islands: Redevelopment of commercial and government infrastructure on 11,000 acres in the Russell Island area, including renewable and efficiency upgrades, renovation of coconut oil production facilities, development of bamboo cultivation and processing, and construction or repairs to shipping and air ports, schools, hospitals and other government facilities.

Croatia: Green oriented redevelopment of hospitality infrastructure on Pasman Island, conceived to demonstrate a holistic showpiece of the sustainable integration of renewable energy, ecotourism, and environmental stewardship. Hotel, Marina Solar Boardwalks and Community market facilities on over 30 acres of newly acquired land will be included.

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