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​Village Green Global, Inc. (VGG) has completed over 3,000 energy audits in 25 countries since its inception in 2009. This vast experience led to the design of our main software program SMARTweb. SMARTweb contains over 300,000 energy using products found in most buildings and municipal infrastructure. Our database includes SKU numbers, energy data, and best replacement technology for all 300,000 products.

 Our software program allows our team to complete project analysis and energy audits accurately and quickly. It also serves as the dashboard for our customers once their energy efficiency project is fully implemented.

 The CEO of VGG, Doug Smith, has a Masters in Sustainability Practices. Mr. Smith has spoken at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), taught at Chapman University (CA, USA), and participated in many speaking and educational events during his 16 year career in energy efficiency