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Village Green Global, Inc. (VGG) designs, funds, implements, and maintains the most technologically advanced energy efficiency projects in the global marketplace, through our innovative Energy Services Agreement (ESA). Our projects are designed and funded off balance sheet, with no out-of-pocket costs to our customers. All customers realize maximum energy and financial savings beginning the first year, through our transparent project development and funding services, rapid project implementation, and lifetime maintenance coverage of our ESA.

 VGG assists commercial, school district, university, non-profit, medical, municipal, state, federal, and military customers determine their current energy usage, current energy costs, and possible energy efficiency project scope that would achieve the greatest savings in each area. VGG reviews usage and costs for electricity, natural gas, water, waste/recycling, and transportation (if applicable). The financial review of these utility invoices, initial project design, and funding feasibility are completed quickly and at no cost to our customers.